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So I’m playing some BF4 the other day and what do I notice? I start getting errors before I can even get in! The error is called pnkbstra.exe and it prevented me from getting back into Battlefield after I restarted.

I found this video but I’m not sure if the fix will actually work or not since I haven’t tried it.

Does anybody think it’s a virus? I really hope not because the last thing I need is to lose all my data and information.

UPDATE: Good news is after doing more research (this is for Battlefield 4 by the way) I found this article and it explains how you can remove pnkbstra.exe virus in a couple steps. The other thing I saw was that it was booting people when they were already in the game. Not sure if it thought people were hacking or not, but it’s frustrating either way.


If anybody has other information about this, I want to know so please message me about it. Supposedly this Punkbuster thing is setup for a lot of games so it may not just happening if you are playing BF3 or 4.

Don’t hack if you don’t already, and if you are, you should be booted from games and not allowed to play! I hope this post helps people if you were getting errors with your games or with viruses and stuff.

Hello and welcome to my site. I want to write updates about technology and my thoughts on what I think about tech and tech stuff.

This first post of mine is going to be about how crazy viruses have gotten. I saw this video of someone actually taping their computer getting a virus in action. Check it out:

Anyways, not only is that crazy, it’s super frustrating. Viruses totally dominate your system and create MORE work for you to do. Imagine the software or programs some of these developers could create if they spent their energy more positively. Oh well.

The next thing is some of my thoughts on other computer errors and problems. One of them is really related to viruses. Wikipedia has a lot of detail on malicious software and how it can totally dominate your system. Some of the details in that article are insane about how much damage it can cause.

On the positive side, here are some things I’ve found you can do to help prevent these issues from happening.

First of all, make sure you don’t visit any of the nasty sites that commonly cause infections. If you hang out in questionable neighborhoods, your chances of getting something harmful on your system are that much greater. Stay away from any of the sites or forums that you don’t think you should be on and your system should remain safe and secure for much longer. Plus, all your data and files will be safer as a result. It’s nice to not have to worry about having all of your files, pictures, programs, and entire computer deleted from some stupid mistake on your part. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from the bad sites. You will thank me and thank yourself later. It’s totally worth it, believe me.

The other thing you can do is make sure you keep an updated program to scan your computer in case something does slip through the cracks. I used to just leave my computer unprotected. Boy was I an idiot. Now I use a virus scanner that is always running on my machine and it sometimes notifies me of a possible threat. I just quickly and easily remove the threat and forget it ever happened. I can only imagine what would have happened to my system if I didn’t have the scanner running at all times. I would definitely recommend you do something like that too.

One other program you can run constantly or just run frequent scans with is called a malware scanner. Much like the details in the Wikipedia article linked above, a malware scanner will check your computer for malicious software and malicious activity. Having something like this on your system is well worth it too. This can prevent someone from accessing your system without you even knowing it was happening.

Make sure you take care of your computer and you will notice a lot less trouble and headaches in the long run. Keeping your important documents safe and secure will help ease your mind and allow you to use your computer for what you really want to use it for.

The last time I got an error I just did some searching and found a really neat site with tons of detailed information. Not only that, the information is very easy to read, helpful, and allowed me to find a quick fix. I’ve learned a lot from that site. It’s called errorboss.com and they are great. I was just searching and found the page for the error I first went to them for. Look how detailed it is.

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this and learned something from it. I really hope to be able to help teach you a little about how to use technology and maybe we can learn something together.

Over and out!